Courses at Hardcastlesecureuk

  1. Door Supervisor Course: This course provides training on the roles and responsibilities of a door supervisor, conflict management techniques, physical intervention skills, and legal aspects of the job.

  2. Security Guard Course: This course covers the essential skills and knowledge required to work as a security guard. It includes topics such as patrolling, access control, emergency procedures, and customer service.

  3. CCTV Operator Course: This course focuses on the operation and monitoring of closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. It covers topics such as equipment operation, legal considerations, incident management, and data protection.

  4. Close Protection Course: Close protection training is designed for individuals aspiring to become personal bodyguards or work in executive protection roles. It covers threat assessment, protective measures, surveillance awareness, and emergency response.

  5. Security Supervisor Course: This course is suitable for individuals looking to advance their careers in security and take on supervisory or management roles. It covers leadership skills, team management, risk assessment, and operational planning.

  6. Upskilling Course: The upskilling course is for individuals who already hold an SIA license but need to renew it. It provides updated knowledge on relevant legislation, first aid skills, and any recent changes in the security industry.

Please note that the availability of these courses and specific course names may vary depending on the training providers in your location. Please Enquire for more information.


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